Champlain Regional Repeater Assoc'n

owners & operators of amateur radio repeater

   VE3STSamuel de ChamplainP

Serving the Heart of the Ottawa Valley since 1969

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Tone squelch requirement
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Join our Mini Net every evening at 6:45 PM local time!  Listen to an old net!

Visitors are always welcome to check in and enjoy traditional Ottawa Valley hospitality.

Frequency: VE3STP can be heard on 147.060 Mhz and listens on 146.460 (ie. -0.600). A CTCSS (sub audible) tone—114.8 hz is required for access. VE3STP is an open 2 meter repeater whose frequency is coordinated by the SLVRC  under Renfrew County.  We support the Renfrew County Amateur Radio Emergency Services and RAC.


= New Shack September 28 2013 =

Saturday, September 28, 2013, Randy Smith VA3RKS, led his team of
CRRA members in the planned move of an 8' x 8' solid aluminum
"bungalow" generously donated to the association by the
Canadian Pacific Railway. The donation was engineered by Past
President Graham Patterson and the agreement between the CRRA and the

CPR was signed and became official just after the AGM in June 2013.
weather could be described as a perfect fall day and all team members
were at the site in Renfrew by 8am. Eventually the new shack will
become either a new larger home for the current VE3STP repeater or a
space for another repeater or other related equipment. 
Our other corporate partners were Marshall's (the crane) of
Renfrew and Dumpy'z Dumpsters (the transport) of Pembroke. The CRRA
would like to thank them immensely for their efforts on our behalf."

Corn roast 2nd or 3rd Sunday in August, 1:00pm.
Last updated 11 December 2015



The repeater is up and performing very well with a new pre-amp,  higher power and 114.8 Hz tone private line squelch. The duplexer has been changed out with our rebuilt old one. 
A current static problem is being analysed. An intermittent in the antenna's phasing harness was suspected. An antenna and traansmission line rebuild has been carried out. Loose nuts were found on the tower to be a source of noise under windy conditions. Plans are afoot to upgrade. Meanwhile an opportunity has surfaced to piggy back on a new commercial tower in the area. Stay tuned for announcements on the MiniNet.
Motorola XPR8300 MOTOTRBO tranceiver, with an outboard matching 100 Watt RF amplifier.
2 Tx resonators
2 Rx resonators
Tone squelch (114.8 Hz)
 Shared Tx Rx 8 dipole co-linear vertical array on a 68 ft (20m) tower





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The threat of rain was dealt with by preparing in the car port, but nature smiled with kindness upon us. Leftover unboiled corn was sold for further enjoyment. See you all next year when the tradition continues.