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Serving the Heart of the Ottawa Valley since 1969

New tone squelch requirement
See announcement section below—

Join our Mini Net every evening at 6:45 PM local time!  Listen to an old net!

Visitors are always welcome to check in and enjoy traditional Ottawa Valley hospitality.

STP Mascot

Frequency: VE3STP can be heard on 147.060 Mhz and listens on 146.460 (ie. -0.600). A CTCSS (sub audible) tone114.8 hz is

required for access. VE3STP is an open 2 meter repeater whose frequency is coordinated by the SLVRC  under Renfrew County.  We support the Renfrew County Amateur Radio Emergency Services and RAC.

= New Shack September 28 2013 =
"On Saturday, September 28, 2013, Randy Smith VA3RKS, led his team of CRRA members in the planned move of an 8' x 8' solid aluminum "bungalow" generously donated to the association by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The donation was engineered by Past President Graham Patterson and the agreement between the CRRA and the CPR was signed and became official just after the AGM in June 2013.

The weather could be described as a perfect fall day and all team members were at the site in Renfrew by 8am. Eventually the new shack will become either a new larger home for the current VE3STP repeater or a space for another repeater or other related equipment.

Our other corporate partners were Marshall's (the crane) of Renfrew and Dumpy'z Dumpsters (the transport) of Pembroke. The CRRA would like to thank them immensely for their efforts on our behalf."
Corn roast Sundday 17 August, 1:00pm. KOA Camp Grounds - Renfrew - Map.
Last updated 29 July 2014



The repeater is up and performing very well with a new pre-amp,  higher power and 114.8 Hz tone private line squelch. The duplexer has been changed out with our rebuilt old one. A current static problem is being analysed. An intermittent in the antenna's phasing harness is suspected. An antenna search and rebuild is proposed.

Motorola XPR8300 MOTOTRBO tranceiver, with an outboard matching 100 Watt RF amplifier.

2 Tx resonators
2 Rx resonators
Tone squelch (114.8 Hz)

 Shared Tx Rx 8 dipole co-linear vertical array on a 68 ft (20m) tower

VE3STP 2013 Annual General Meeting
Members of the Champlain Regional Repeater Association met at the Rocky Mountain House restaurant in Renfrew on the 15th of June to learn of our expansion plans and to elect new officers.
The new President is Debra Bee VE3IEH. Treasurer will be Bill Mantell, VE3TUC.
A new Vice-President Rob Gillies VE3JA is filled. Net Manager is Don Thom VE3PM following a turn over period from Steve VE3KEG. The positions of secretary Wayne Greenough and Vice-President Ron Sinclair VE3JRN remain unchanged. The web site will continue to be updated by Steve VE3KEG. Outgoing president Graham  VE3AMN is taking leave of the area for a much needed vacation.
The winner of the most mini-net sessions and most time in session is Russ VE3RKB. The most checkins count goes to Larry VE3KLJ.
New collaborations with neighbouring groups were discussed and new ventures in packet radio with ARES and EC in mind are among new plans.
Some came early for breakfast, and some stayed late for lunch. The meeting adjourned about 1:30 .pm
Field Day 2013
The members of the Champlain Regional Repeater Association invite fellow Amateur Radio operators and interested non-amateurs to Field Day 2013 at the DACA centre at 111 Flat Rd. in Dacre/Mt. St. Patrick on June 22 (afternoon) and 23 (morning). The co-ordinates are 45o19'49" north latitude by 76o53'56" west longitude Google Maps. Field Day is an annual specialized contest with the emphasis on emergency conditions. Operations from tents, using temporary antennas and generators, batteries, solar or wind power add to the realism and complicate contest operations in all areas. Join us and experience ham radio for yourself. There will also be an opportunity for everyone to participate in a complementary tai chi demonstration class. For more information, contact Debra VE3IEH at 613-281-2199..

Holiday Dinner

The Almonte Amateur Radio Club invited all members of our CRRA (VE3STP) to attend their annual Christmas/New Years dinner. The event was held at the Almonte branch of the Royal Canadian Legion at 7:00pm on 12 January 2013. It was a sit down served dinner.

Also, a reminder that it is time for dues renewal for 2013. Thank you for your continued support of our Association and our Ham Radio avocation.





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Our History


CRRA Address

Upcoming EVENTS

is scheduled for Sunday 17 August after 1 pm at the KOA Camp Ground - Renfrew / Horton.
Bring chairs, spouses, kids, friends...  MAP



The threat of rain was dealt with by preparing in the car port, but nature smiled with kindness upon us. Leftover unboiled corn was sold for further enjoyment. See you all next year when the tradition continues.

Mike VA3TJP    John VE3DDN, chief boiler

Mike VA3TJP                                                John VE3DDN, chief boiler


Saturday 23 June 2012 9:30am

Our Annual General Membership meeting was held this year at the home of Mike and Shirley-Anne VA3TJP.

An excellent breakfast was served before the meeting, thanks Mike and Shirley-Anne.

Your executive is working hard to keep the association viable and to ensure that VE3STP maintains its reputation as a reliable source of ham radio communication throughout the Ottawa valley. We truly need your support. Changes include Vice-President Ed VA3ED stepped down and is replaced by Debra Bee  VE3IEH. Net Manager Ed VA3ED stepped down and is replaced by Steve VE3KEG. The Net Controller's list is in turmoil at the moment. Please feel free to step forward and volunteer your services.

Your executive committee until next year (an election year) is Graham VE3AMN, president; Ron VE3JRN, vice-president; Debra VE3IEH, vice-president; Wayne VE3JSQ, secretary; Brian VE3BRT, Treasurer; and Steve VE3KEG, Net Manager and past president. Appointees are Sandy VE3AAC, Technical Director assisted frequently by Al VE3JGU; and John VE3DDN, registered as license holder for the call sign.

Several motions and action items were invoked regarding subjects including the involvement of your association with the township of Greater Madawaska in the provision of emergency communication under ARES and EMO.

Membership is $25 for single and $40 for family. If you are not sure of your membership status, you can find it on the web site. Click on “Check Your Membership Status” and enter Username <VE3STP> and Password <hamradio>. Be sure to use upper case for username and lower for the password.

Your association remains a registered incorporated non-profit organization under the laws of Ontario.

Thanks — The Executive Committee

Echolink has been removed from VE3STP. 




VE3STP has a sub-audible tone requirement to access the repeater. The tone  is required to be transmitted by your rig with a frequency of 114.8 Hz. Please set up your rig to do this at your earliest convenience so you don't find yourself left out. See the newsletter.

The Champlain Regional Repeater Association occasionally provides space in this box for neighbouring area clubs to make announcements of general interest to the local ham community.

A typical breakfast 16 April 2008 - Rocky Mountain House Restaurant, Renfrew

Ed, Doug, Steve, Gil, Dave, Wayne, Bill, Randy, Mike, John and Ben

Ed VA3ED, Doug KB2FID,
Steve VE3KEG, Gil VE3BHA, Dave VE3LBO, Wayne VE3JSQ, Bill VE3TUC, Randy VA3RKS, Mike VA3TJP, John VE3DDN, and Ben VA3BES.  Thanks Shirley-Anne for the Photo.

Silent Keys

Ed Morgan, VE3GX, has left us 1 November 2013. An active amateur radio operator for 75 years from the age of 17, Ed established the Amateur Radio Station and exhibit VE3JW at the Museum of Science and Technology. Charter and life member of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club, and life member of the Quarter Century Wireless association Chapter 70. Ed served overseas for 4 1/2 years in 3 theatres of WWII, in England, India, and Burma and was the recipient of the Burma Star. Afterwards, Ed served aboard the Icebreaker N.B. McLean as the Chief Radio Officer. He was retired from the RCMP and DND. Obituary
Ed Holmes, VA3ED, has left us for a better place. We have few details, but according to a close friend he passed away in mid March 2013. In recent years Ed was active in the STP association and the VE3ZRR repeater and in HF field day activities. He served as a vice president and net manager and took the Saturday night net until it was no longer feasable. Some will recall after he moved from Plaunt St. in Renfrew into east end Ottawa he served the net from his car on the top floor of the St. Laurent Plaza parking lot. Quiet about his private life, he was a giving contributor to the association. He will be missed. Obituary
And another: NEWKIRK, Rodney "Rod" Harry 1922 - 2012 WW II Veteran (USA) VA3ZBB – W9BRD 
It is with heartfelt sadness that we announce the death of Rod. Beloved husband to Betty VE3ZBB.  Rod will be remembered for his extensive work and contributions to amateur radio. His column "How's DX" was a regular feature in the QST Magazine and more recently he made regular contributions to the site and to our association. He was inducted into the CQ Hall of Fame. A private family funeral has been held. Friends are invited to join Rod's family at the Garden Chapel of Tubman Funeral Homes (3440 Richmond Road, by Bayshore), on Thursday November 22nd from 2 until 4 p.m. for a celebration of Rod's life and a reception to follow from 4 until 5 p.m. (more...)

With great sadness, we announce the passing of another one of our patriarchs. Brian, VE3BRT. Brian passed away Friday, 14 September 2012. See obituary. Brian was a member of the CRRA from nearly the founding years of the Association, and for most of that time was the Treasurer. It was Brian to whom your membership dues and generous donations were funnelled for deposit in the Association bank account, and Brian who paid the bills. Brian was a regular attendee at the annual corn roast until recent years. Brian, we will miss your check ins from Mississippi Lake. Our sincerest condolences to Mardi and the family.
And with great sadness, we announce the loss of one of our patriarchs. Gil VE3BHA, founding member of our association, past president many times over, (see PastPresList.html ) and Thursday night net controller for the last many years passed away Friday August 26 2011. Eldon Gilchrist was born in 1928. See obituary  Gil saved the day many times by hustling up to the repeater site from his cottage/home on nearby Ferguson Lake. He will be remembered along with the early great names - Doug Pepper, Arn Petch, "Doc" Ringrose, and too many others to list. See his repeater history at  A regular attendee at the relatively recent Wednesday morning breakfast he has been missed for about a year while labouring under the affliction that took him, a type of cardiac failure. His unwavering politeness yet sharp wit and giving personality will be remembered.
Our condolences to his "ham wife" Laurie (who's brother was a ham too), son Syd VE3FML and daughter Cathy.
Gil, reserve a place for us and say HI to the Great Ham for us!  . . . - . -

Visit the ARES site at 

Nathan McIsaac

Youngest mininet controller. On Friday 26 December 2003 the mininet was run by Nathan MacIsaac VA3NCM, age 13, only several weeks after being assigned his certificate and call sign. Congratulations, Nathan! Ten years later, he's a big kid. Don't get in his way!

Our History

On November 29, 1968 a group of radio amateurs in the National Capital area, interested in VHF operation, met to discuss the possibility of erecting a regional repeater to service the towns and highways west of Ottawa. At the time, no coverage existed in this rural area other than the limited access provided by VE2CRA in Ottawa.

The repeater is presently located on Kennelley's Mountain, part of the  Mount St. Patrick range of the Madawaska Highlands at an elevation of 1450 feet. The intent was to provide reliable coverage to an area encompassing Ottawa, Smith's Falls, Perth, Kaladar, Madoc, Arnprior, Renfrew, Deep River, Pembroke, Petawawa, Barry's Bay and Bancroft for mobile operators

It was also intended for use by fixed stations with beam antennas in such areas as Kingston, Belleville, Peterborough and Haliburton. We have a regular check-in from Hawkesbury and Ogdensburg.

Several names for the group were discussed and The Champlain Regional Repeater Association was chosen as the coverage area was the territory covered by Samuel de Champlain in his explorations.

VE3STP went into service on May 3, 1969 and has operated more or less continuously ever since.



The Champlain Regional Repeater Association is not a "club" as such and limits activities to the following.

  • Operating and maintaining amateur radio repeater VE3STP on Kennelly Mountain, at the East end of the Mt. St. Patrick range 
  • Maintaining an executive committee and holding annual meetings of the membership
  • Running the Mini-Net, a checkin net,  at 6:45 PM local time every evening. About 20 minutes. 
  • Hosting an Annual General Meeting for members in the spring. Newcomers may sign up at this time. 
  • Sponsoring a summer picnic - corn roast. 
  • Acknowledging a breakfast eyeball QSO at 9:00 AM each Wednesday, presently in Renfrew (The Rocky Mountain House restaurant across Bruce St. from the Wendy's - Tim Horton's). Occasionally other sites are selected. Listen to the mini-net Tuesday night for this week's location.
  • Suporting neighbouring ham radio groups and ARES activities
  • maintaining a pool of amateur radio operators for civil emergencies where conventional communications may be inadequate or unavailable.

The Champlain Regional Repeater Association is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization  under the laws of the Province of Ontario.



This was the motley crew for breakfast at the PJ Restaurant in Arnprior 9 Aprl 2003. Pictured are Rod VA3ZBB; Jim VA3EA; Betty VE3ZBB; John VE3DDN (STP Licensee); Art VA3LEY (CRRA Vice President); Ross VE3BTN; MarilynVE3BBO; Dave VE3ZBZ (CRRA Net Manager); Don VE3QLQ; Gil VE3BHA (CRRA Past President); Chuck VE3FEJ; Steve VE3KEG (CRRA President, tech director & web master); Clint VA3CLI; Bill VE3TUC (Then CRRA Secretary); Wally VE3GE; towering above Wally - Guy VE3WGL; and the photographer who runs faster than light - Ed VA3ED (CRRA Vice President). Click the image for a slightly larger and clearer version.

The Executive Committee
Updated May 2010

PRESIDENT (list of past presidents)

  • Debra Bee, VE3IEH



  • Steve Paynter VE3KEG

Steve VE3KEG


  •          Rob Gillies VE3JA
  • Ron Sinclair, VE3JRN

Rob's pic



  • Sandy Cameron VE3AAC


  • Wayne Greenough,VE3JSQ 

Wayne Greenough

 LICENSEE (Volunteer)

  • John Neumann, VE3DDN


  • Bill Mantell, VE3TUC



    Graham Patterson, VE3AMN

Graham VE3AMN

I guess the Sun's been shining on this block because the pictures have faded.



Although VE3STP is an open repeater, we urge regular users to contribute financially to our continued operation. Dues are $25.00 single and $40.00 family annually and are payable at the beginning of the calendar year. Members receive the right to raise motions, have voting rights on motions and the election of officers, the right to run for office and our perpetual gratitude.

Dues or other enquiries may be sent to:

The Champlain Regional Repeater Association
146 Victoria St.,
Arnprior ON K7S 1T8

Cheques must be made to "Champlain Regional Repeater Association.".

For general information email The Secretary 

For technical information or to make technical suggestions, email the technical director VE3AAC

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held in May or June of each year. Every odd numbered year nominations for the election of officers are received. 

VE3STP Repeater Tech Stuff

A new VE3STP repeater has been obtained through a JEPP grant and the Township of Greater Madawaska. Ownership of the repeater hardware remains with the township, and it is provided to us with the understanding that our ARES organization would assist the township with communications, if called upon, in the event of an emergency incident.

The repeater is a Motorola XPR8300 MOTOTRBO tranceiver, with an outboard matching 100 Watt RF amplifier.The repeater is powered by 115v AC, with a no-break 12 volt battery backup system to fall back on in event of an AC power failure. The amplifier is powered by its own Astron power supply, with battery backup. The battery could carry the repeater for 2 or 3 days, with controlled use. It is equipped with a modern external, commercial, GaAsFet receiving preamp which provides, along with the repeater's already sensitive receiver, an amazing degree of low noise extended range reception.

The 100 watt amplifier provides us with coverage we have not enjoyed since the days of the original 90 Watt tube-type repeater.

The original 1972 Sinclair F150-4E duplexer (2 Tx and 2 Rx resonator cans) has been overhauled and re-installed, to give us a low 2 dB of insertion loss to the eight dipole vertically polarized co-linear array antenna. The antenna is mounted on a 68 ft self supporting Delhi tower whose base is embedded in a six foot cube of concrete. It is said that the antenna tends to favour the Ottawa-Carleton area but it has excellent general coverage.

Backup: The old and backup setup at VE3STP uses the Harris Alpha 2000 series two meter repeater.

Antenna: is an eight dipole vertically polarized co-linear array antenna. The antenna is mounted on a 68 ft self supporting Delhi tower whose base is embedded in a six foot cube of concrete.  Location of repeater. It's sensitivity at 146.46 Mhz. is better than 0.50 micro volt for full quieting (20 db) with 0.3 Ávolt for a 12 db SINAD. The receiver is protected from the powerful transmitter signal by the duplexer whose role is to connect both receiver and transmitter to the antenna while isolating the receiver from the transmitter.  This is achieved with an array of cavity resonators. The setup also offers some protection from cross and inter modulation products arising from strong signals from a commercial VHF radio communications tower not far away.The gain in this antenna gives us an effective radiated power of several hundred watts.

There is also a GE Mastr exec II which could be pressed into service quickly if required.
Power Supply: The Motorola system runs directly from 115v AC, with a no-break battery backup of 2 - 12volt AGM lead-acid batteries, float charged by the repeater's own power supplies. Hydro failure is signaled by a change in the courtesy beep, from the normal single tone beep, to a 2 tone beep, signifying "save the batteries, keep your transmissions short".

The previous equipment, including the HARRIS backup repeater, and the packet repeater is powered from a Texpro 13.5V 45A power supply which is backed up by a bank of 100 ampere hour liquid Edison Nickel-Iron batteries.

The site is served by a lengthy private primary hydro line (7200 volt) and is the only customer on the secondary 240/120 volt three wire service connection to the shack.

Control: The repeater is controlled by a NHRC-4 repeater controller. It provides the identifier and various timing functions such as the tail length, identifier and talk out timer. The timers and other repeater functions may be set up or controlled remotely through the use of DTMF tones. In the event of abuse, the repeater may be shut down remotely by a control operator.

Time out: There is an over talk timer that temporarily shuts down the repeater if an extended talker goes on and on. Time out is signaled by a double beep.

These remote functions will soon be transferred to a separate multi channel telemetry and control system operating in another band.

Auto patch: There is no auto patch facility at VE3STP___there is no phone line at or near the site.

Linking: There is no linking between VE3STP and any other repeater.

IRLP: There is no IRLP capability at VE3STP

Safety and Grounding: The tower grounding system is enormous and effective and has weathered nature's assaults.

The Shack: The equipment is stored in a rugged vandal resistant building with intrusion signaling over the repeater and a local loud horn. A buried power service cable and antenna cable completes the facility.

Meet Your Net Controllers.....

6:45pm ET

Net Controllers


Debra Bee VE3IEH till Bill returns
Mike Parris VA3TJP
Russ Kirkwood VE3RKB
Jim Rivett VA3JER
Larry Monuk VE3KLJ
Don Scott VE3QLQ
Rick Hudson VA3RWH
Steve VE3KEG

We are always encouraging volunteers for net controllers. Please make your intentions known on any mini-net or by emailing the Net Manager, Steve. The preamble (check in sheet) may be viewed in   .pdf   .doc   .html

"In the event of an equipment issue with VE3STP, mini-net participants are reminded that they may wish to move to VE3ZRR in order to continue the net."

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